What’s Next After Your First Cold Sculpting Session?

It doesn’t make a difference on whether you had your first cold sculpting session an hour ago, a week ago, or a month ago. It’s only natural that you may still have questions on what are the next steps for you to take. While your immediate questions will be answered within a standardized follow up phone call from New You Body Sculpting professionals (two days after your first session), we believe it is important that you walk away from your session feeling confident with your plan. 

Every body is different, and while we know you’ve heard this before, it is completely true. Your body’s way of discarding old fat cells is an individualistic process. After your first session you will notice your targeted trouble areas melt away within a three month period. You may notice changes in a few weeks, or in several months. That is why it is important to instill a healthy routine that will help promote your body’s downsizing.  

There is no need to run out and purchase a gym membership, especially with everything the year 2020 has had to offer. What we suggest is that if you are a fan of fast food on a regular basis or binge watching series after series on your couch with little movement, that you may want to modify your existing habits. Make yourself a balanced meal several times a week, maybe go out for a daily walk in your neighbourhood. These are the types of changes that can boost the speed of your cold sculpting results as well as keep new fats cells from developing. While the treatment does permanently eliminate the fats cells you wanted removed, it does not prevent new fat from taking its place. Think of your body as a glass and your fat as water within it. You can pour as much of that water as you want out of the glass. The old water is discarded down the drain. However, this does not stop new water from being added to the glass. 

Following the maintenance factor, the next thing many people wonder after their first session is if a side effect could pop up in the future. Let’s put your mind at ease. Since our equipment is extremely gentle on your skin, the most you could experience is slight bruising and some tenderness. These minor side effects would only be noticeable within the first week after your treatment.

Now that you see that this treatment is as simple and as non invasive as you have heard, you may want to book your next session. One thing we always share with our clients is that you can actually save money on your sessions by purchasing multiple handles.

You have the power to get yourself into the best physical shape of your life. Take the right steps and you will gain control over your body in a way you may have never thought possible.