How Yoga Helps with Cool Sculpting

So, you’re starting your new life post-procedure and you want to know what type of physical activity we recommend you engage with. At New You Body Sculpting, your procedure is completely non-invasive and has zero healing time. This means that our answer is, any physical activity you are interested in. 

That’s right, our Cold Sculpting procedure will have you back at your intense kickboxing classes or your regular soccer matches practically right away. We understand that going back to intense training is not for everyone. That is why at New You Body Sculpting, we recommend an exercise that can literally sculpt your body. Now you may be scratching your head thinking “what type of light exercise sculpts your entire body?” You may be surprised to learn that if you’re looking for a powerful yet gentle workout to target many areas simultaneously we would strongly recommend yoga. 

Today’s blog post will dive into why yoga is a great exercise to start you off post-procedure. You can use it as your main workout, as a warm-up, or as a cool-down. If you’re looking to really sculpt your shape and want to stretch out your mussels, yoga is the exercise for you. 

Right mindset equal the right results: 

Yoga not only calms the body but it’s also known to calm the mind as well. With yoga, you can get in the right mindset to tackle your weight loss/maintenance goals. With a strong mind you can turn down that second helping and go for that after-dinner walk. 

Use your muscles:

With yoga, your exercise is always unique. There are many different types of practices you can indulge in. You can try yin yoga if you want to focus more on your stretching or hot yoga if you want to burn more calories. There are many other types as well that allow you to customize your time on the mat. Whichever practice you choose, you can rest assured that you are using a multitude of muscles that often don’t get utilized. Due to the poses and the length, you stay in them, over time you will build up muscle memory and will be able to shape your body through specific movements. 

Lessen water weight/bloating: 

If you find yourself struggling with bloating and are frustrated that it’s getting in the way of you showcasing your Cold Sculpting results, yoga is a great solution. By focusing on core practices, you can lessen your water weight all on your own. 

At New You Body Sculpting, we know you are going to feel confident with your results. That’s why we strongly recommend a maintenance plan. Don’t walk away from fitness once you see your results, because new fat cells can develop if you don’t have a regiment.  

If you have any questions regarding the after-care of your procedure, check out our FAQ page or connect with us at 613-880-3400, one of our team members is always ready to assist you.