Top 3 Tips On How To Halt Binge Eating

Breakfast and lunch pass, but as dinner approaches you find yourself starving and eating more than one portion including an indulgent dessert. Does this sound like you? If so, you may be experiencing what 4% of Canadians deal with, binge eating. If left to the extreme, binge eating is actually very dangerous and can become an eating disorder. 

Before we dive into today’s blog post, we first want to acknowledge that, if you feel like your binging has gotten overwhelming, there are many resources that can assist you, including National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)

Binge eating can sneak up on you. Maybe you feel ill one morning and decide to skip breakfast, or maybe you consider coffee to be your breakfast (newsflash, coffee isn’t a meal). You can easily slip into the habit of skipping that meal. Many people do. However, if you want to better maintain your cold sculpting results, you will include your three daily meals on a regular basis. 

It’s commonly thought, the less you eat, the fewer calories you need to burn. This is false. When your body does not receive enough nutrients, it goes into starvation mode. What happens when your body goes into starvation mode is your body breaks down your fat cells at a significantly slower rate. Meaning, your body slows down its metabolism and stores fat as if we were in the stone age. Your body thinks it’s dying, so it’s trying to protect itself. Now that we have covered why you should work on your binging, let’s cover some tips on how you can train your body to get its correct amount of daily calories. 

Mark your calendars: 

It may seem a bit strange to book yourself a meeting time slot for your meals, but it works. Many of us have hectic work schedules and the day often flies by with little more in our stomachs than coffee. If you have your meals set in your work calendar, people are more likely to respect your time and you are more likely to rest and rejuvenate with a healthy meal. 

Join a friend: 

If you’re still working remotely, like many of us are, you may miss the social aspect of lunch. Maybe this makes you forget about the meal altogether and you are now prone to skipping it. Call up a friend on Zoom and share a meal, or better yet arrange to meet a friend for lunch. Of course, you can’t do this every day, but it will help you break the habit of skipping a meal and binging if you break the cycle. 

Shake it up: 

If you’re finding it a bit difficult to get all of your meals in each day, it is still important to get those calories into your system. That is where protein shakes come in handy. Of course you want to do your research and make sure you’re getting one packed full of nutrients and not just sugar. Sip on a shake when you slip up and miss your meal. This will keep the starving sensation away as dinner approaches and will keep your body out of starvation mode. 

At New You Body Sculpting, we want to encourage all of our clients to live healthy lifestyles. Do your research and if you have any questions we are just a click or call away.