Get Your Body Back | Freeze Away the Pandemic Pounds

This year has not been kind to most of us. The gyms have been closed, many of us are working from home and have been taking out our emotions on the junk food in our pantries. All of these changes have most likely had a negative impact on your physic, which can naturally lead to a decline in confidence. This year has taken a lot away from us but at New You Body Sculpting, we want to help you get something back from 2020.

While we can freeze away your targeted areas with our procedure, it is crucial that you have the intent to rediscover your previous healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, new fat cells will inhabit your body. We want to ensure that you have the results that you hope for. Even with less access to gyms and more access to fast food, there are simple steps you can put into place to better your body. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day dedicated to physical activity. This could be a yoga class on YouTube, a speed-walk around the block, etc. It’s also important that you cut back on your junk food intake. If you find you are eating out of boredom, try to immediately distract your brain; call a friend, revisit an old hobby. 

Our procedure will be long-lasting/permanent if you are dedicated to being a happier and healthier you. With just a short 45-minute non-invasive procedure, you can begin to get your confidence back. 

Now you may be wondering, “what happens to all of the access fat cells I have accumulated this year?” It’s actually quite simple, your fat cells are destroyed by the process of getting them to a temperature low enough that they crystalize without affecting the surrounding tissue. Over the course of 1–3 months, the dead fat cells are broken down by the body and the cellular debris is disposed of as part of the body’s natural repair process. This is all done without discomfort or healing time. 

A benefit you will notice immediately when choosing New You Body Sculpting’s Cold Sculpting procedure,  is that we pass our savings right down to our customers. Unlike chain salons and spas, we own our machine. This means there aren’t any royalties from parent companies. If you choose to book more than one session with us, you will also notice that your second session is on us! 

If you’re frustrated with how 2020 has affected your body, and those stubborn fat cells just won’t seem to leave, Cold Sculpting is a solution that will get you fast results. We want you to feel confident in yourself and in your choice to move forward with this gentle procedure. That is why we are here to answer any of your questions. You can get started with a completely free consultation, where we will evaluate your needs and plan the next steps in your Cold Sculpting journey. Let’s get you ready for a happier 2021.