Summer Is Closer Than You Think | It’s Time for a New You

We’ve made it! Spring has arrived. This means summer is just around the corner. With this in mind you may be thinking back to those donuts you have been eating for breakfast lately or those spin classes you’ve been skipping. Weight gain can happen quickly and quarantine has caught up with many of us. The thing about weight gain is that it’s much easier than weight loss. That means while it did not take much effort to put on those pounds, depending on your age and metabolism, they may not fall off as easily.

If you find yourself longing for that seemingly unattainable shape, we have got you covered. At New You Body Sculpting, we want you to realize that it is never too late to get the body of your dreams. If summertime is your goal for a new you, you’re going to want to begin your Cold Sculpting journey in the next upcoming weeks. 

Our non-invasive procedure only takes 45 minutes of your time and has little to no side effects. Our procedure works by using a Body Sculpting device that provides intense cooling to designated areas. This causes fat cells to gradually die off and be eliminated by the liver. A few weeks after treatment, dead cells are being evacuated from the body while others are condensing, resulting in a gradual reduction of the unwanted fat deposits over a period of 2 to 4 months. Prior to your procedure, we encourage all of our clients to have a fitness plan and meal plan in place. The reason for this is without a healthy regimen, new fat cells can develop within the body and result in you regaining weight. 

As the weather gets warmer it gets easier to be more active, which means that this is the perfect time to get started with Cold Sculpting. It will make it that much easier to maintain your results when healthy food is in season and the sun is shining.

Our process is simple. To begin, all you have to do is book  a free consultation with one of our Cold Sculpting technicians. We offer the consultation in both a virtual format and in person. From there, we will connect with you and discuss your body shape goals and a timeline that fits with your schedule. If you decided to move forward with a Cold Sculpting session after your consultation, we could begin the scheduling process right away. 

Since we own our device, you get to skip all of those unnecessary fees that other salons and spas tact on. We pass our savings back onto our clients. At New You Body Sculpting, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for better health, and we feel very privileged to be a part of your journey. Our pricing is affordable for anyone who wants to take that first step in reducing stubborn fat while promoting better health and more confidence. 

There is no need for the snow to melt, the earlier you get started, the better your results will be when the heat waves hit.